You got suspended for wearing shorts? So you were slut shamed and touched and you tried to get back in to see if you had sweats what the fuck that makes no sense wtf i'm so mad



it’s such fucking bullshit. there’s more to it than that though.

i got the sweatpants and i got back in the building no problem. the security guards were very aggressive and kept referring to me via walkie talkies as “the package,” which is objectifying and degrading, but i said nothing. i went to class, saw the teachers whose classes i missed, and got all of my work. so far, no problems.

then came lunch. i took off the sweatpants while i was still in the building, but i carried them with me so the deans would see i had them. one of the deans stopped me seconds before leaving the building and got excessively aggressive with me, forcing me backwards and into the bathroom so i could change. i tried to explain to him that i was just taking them off for lunch, since they’re fleece lined and it’s about 70° here. he kept speaking over me and telling me he didn’t care.

at this point, i lost my temper. i screamed “this is fucking bullshit” and walked into the bathroom to change. when i came out, there were two security guards waiting for me to escort me out. according to them, because i am the school’s responsibility, i needed to wear the sweatpants until i left school for the day, regardless of the fact that i was leaving school property. they slut shamed me AGAIN - “if you want to wear those shorts outside of school, and your mother actually lets you, go ahead” - and then escorted me to get my bag. once again, i heard myself being referred to as “the package” over the walkie talkies, but i ignored it since i was in deep shit already.

after i got my things, i asked to see my teachers to get assignments, since it’s spring break and i won’t be seeing my teachers for two weeks. they refused, and led me to the front door. at this point, i’d calmed down a bit, so i apologized and tried to explain my point of view. i told the dean, word for word, “there is something deeply sexist and oppressive with this dress code. i get that certain things should not be worn at school, but i never see you ask other girls, who are both much more developed than i am and wearing the same amount of clothing i walked in the building with, to change. i shouldn’t have cursed at you, and i am truly sorry for that. i have a really hard time controlling my temper - ” at this point the security guards both rolled their eyes and laughed at me. “but it feels like you’re targeting me, for whatever reason, and i think it’s wrong.”

his response? “you should’ve said that instead of cursing at me.”

they watched me leave then building, and then stood there and watched me start hysterically crying because i cannot believe i’m being suspended for sticking up for myself, regardless of the language i used. other teachers and students came to comfort me, but the dean stood there and watched. for about ten minutes.

so i am suspended for an indefinite amount of time. i’ve got a meeting with my mother and the dean when the break’s over. but until then, i’ve got plenty of time to “think about my actions” and plan out legal action i’m considering taking for objectification, sexual harassment, and general fucked upness.

let’s spread this around i guess it’s kinda important

This is messed up in every way it could.