Nazi SS Cemetery Desecrated By Pro-Semitic Graffiti

Okay, this article is wrong in so many ways.

"This sort of hate crime must not be tolerated,” police chief Klaus Meine said. “We will do everything in our power to find the Jews responsible for this.” 

Whilst grave desecration is indeed a crime, to call the act above “hate crime”, may I repeat, hate crime” is a pure misunderstanding &, most of all, hypocrisy. What is paint on stone compared to 6-9 million deaths? A death is irreversible. Spraying a polished grave might be.

The vandalism is not the first incident of pro-Semitism to occur in Darmstadt. In 1991, a group of Zionists marched through the streets of the city, waving Israeli flags and chanting in Hebrew. City leaders filed a court injunction in an effort to block the march, but the Zionists, defended by the German Civil Liberties Union, won.

"I will never forgive the GCLU for defending the Zionists," Steuben said. "I am all for free speech, but that crossed the line." 

If a peaceful (or so it has been described) march means crossing the line, I wonder what this fine sir would call the repressions against Jews & many other nationalities & ethnic groups committed back in WW2. Defending one’s own country, perhaps.
For every event in history there is & always will be an echo sooner or later, first in people’s hearts & minds, eventually in their deeds. The above “crimes” cannot even be compared to what happened because of nazism (of which, note, not one word has been mentioned).

[I am not in favour of devastating anybody’s tombstone by any means, be it a spray can or anything else, to make that clear]


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